by: Earl Dabs Labs

Pre’98 Bubba Kush  x  [ Pre’98 Bubba Kush x Pre’98 Bubba Kush ]

Aptly named after the goddess of wisdom, Athena is our most cerebral and thought provoking strain. Growing short and dense, with tight inter-nodal spacing and impressively sized buds. Athena is as our highest yielding strain per m3, achieving well over our expected 1g/watt ratio.

She has large, dark green buds with vibrant red hairs. Her kushy & skunky flavours shine through delivering a remarkably clear high. Athena takes you on a journey of thought and self discovery with heavily sedating effects. Let Athena relax your body, while alleviating pain, muscle stiffness and tension. As with all the Earl Dabs Labs Genetics, seeds are not available.